TRESOR TV stands for over 25 years of great television entertainment.

Since its foundation in 1992, TRESOR TV Produktions GmbH has been producing high-quality programmes for the German-speaking television market. The focus is on shows, reality and factual entertainment. With our flair for entertainment, international and national trends, we succeed time and time again in shaping the German television landscape.

In 2017 TRESOR TV became part of Keshet International, one of the leading global media production and distribution companies with offices in Tel Aviv, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Under the label Keshet Tresor Fiction, TRESOR TV and Keshet International extend the success from the non-fiction sector to the fiction sector. Keshet Tresor Fiction focuses on the production of high-quality series and films for the national and international moving image market.


Axel Kühn

Managing Director

Phone: +49 89 950904-13

Thomas Nietsch

Director Finance & Operations

Phone: +49 89 950904-125

Evdoxia Casas

Management Assistant

Phone: +49 89 950904-121


Peter Schweizer

Director Development & Acquisitions

Phone: +49 89 950904-81

Tim Sendig

Development & Games Producer

Phone: +49 89 950904-19


Tina Allert

Produzentin Director Non-Scripted Programs München

Phone: +49 89 950904-78

Holger Rettler

Produzent Director Non-Scripted Programs Köln

Phone: +49 89 950904-158


Tobias Cullmann

Executive Producer

Phone: +49 89 950904-87

Maria Pascual-Romero

Content Producer

Phone: +49 89 950904-150

Erik Krämer

Senior Production Manager

Phone: +49 221 250-5266

Keshet Tresor Fiction

Christina Christ

Director Fiction Programs

Phone: +49 89 950904-801

Tina Hechinger

Producer Fiction

Phone: +49 89 950904-803

Konstantin Kühnle

Script Consultant

Phone: +49 89 950904-802

Bernd Krause

Head of Production

Phone: +49 89 950904-804